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The Wairua along with its sister Waiora were built by Yarrow & Company at Poplar London and sent to Wanganui New Zealand in sections, re assembled and launched to begin service in the famous Hatrick & Company river fleet in November 1904. The Wairua was employed on the Pipiriki to Marae Kowahai section of the Whanganui River, climbing the 108 rapids to service Hatrick & Co’s Houseboat.

The vessel is driven by the screw in tunnel system, an early forerunner of the modern day jet boat. This unique type of propulsion became most popular with Hatrick & Company vessels and was ideally suited to conditions on the Whanganui River.

M.V. Wairua

Yarrow & Company Poplar

Wairua is most often remembered as one of the main service vessels for the Bridge to Nowhere settlement at Mangapurua. Many photos exist of Wairua at the Mangapurua Landing unloading passengers and goods for the settlers.

Originally a steamer Wairua was converted to a Motor Vessel in 1913.After a very busy life upriver based at Pipiriki Wairua was withdrawn in 1938 and eventually brought down to Wanganui to become a fender at Hatricks Wharf for the larger vessel Waione. In 1955 after the Waione was sold Wairua sank at her moorings.

M.V. Wairua

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PS Waimarie is available for charter for all kinds of special functions and private parties. There are two saloons on board, and the upper deck is covered.The maximum total number of passengers is 130. 


A two-course buffet meal is served. Seating is in the aft saloon, where there are tables, and on the upper aft deck. 
Bookings are essential.



Two-hour Lunch cruises are available by arrangement for groups of 30 or more.

Please note a minimum Booking of 30 passengers is required.

Dinner cruises are not private charter cruises.


Two-hour BBQ cruises are available by arrangement for groups of 30 or more.

Please note a minimum Booking of 30 passengers is required.

Dinner cruises are not private charter cruises.

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I can’t be happier with the service. They are always ready to help.


It isn’t a business to them, each client is treated like they are part of the family. Great value for money as well.


They have some of the best boats in the region; their packages are great.


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